Advocacy Groups links

American Speech-Lang-Hearing Assoc
industry group; direction to audiologists & hearing programs
American Tinnitus Assoc
tinnitus info
Deaf Education Advocacy Fellowship (UK)
Deaf Bilingual Coalition
Deaf Power Organization
Portland Sports
Gate Communications
a national not-for-profit organization serving the deaf and hard of hearing communities
Hard of Hearing Advocates
Feisty volunteer-run site
Hearing Loss Assoc of American
consumer advocacy org with 250 local chapters; considered largest support organization in the US
League for the Hard of Hearing
Mississippi Deaf-Blind Project
Univ of Southern Miss

Music and the Deaf
National Black Deaf Advocates
The National Consortium On Deaf-Blindness 
National Center for Accessible Media
Boston PBS; lists theaters offering Rear Window movie tech
World Federation of the Deaf
United Nations advocacy group

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