Art and Media lnks

Beethoven's Nightmare
all-deaf band
Broken Ears Productions
films includes actors with disabilities
Chuck Baird
Actor and painter
Davideo Productions
Texas based; run by David Pierce
Deaf Artists Resources
Artist contacts from Rochester Institute of Technology Library
DEAF Media, Inc
Arts in Berkeley, California
Comedian Ken Glickman
Evelyn Glennie
solo percussionist
Nonprofit info for musicians and music lovers
International Archive of Deaf Artists
Info on artists who are deaf
Kathryn Bakke
Deaf pianist in Minnesota
Magic Morgan
Mary Rappazzo
California painter
Pinky the Juggler
deaf professional juggler
Quest 4 Arts
Arts among the disabled
Rear Window
list of movie theaters using Rear Window captioning
The Tactile Mind
literature by signers both English and ASL
Trix Bruce
One-deaf woman show

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