Abuse Agencies

Abused Deaf Women's Advocacy Services (ADWAS)
services to victims of sexual assault and/or domestic violence

Hearing Bridges
Nashville organization offering counseling and safe housing for abused deaf women

Assistance for survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault or rape

Advocacy Groups links

American Speech-Lang-Hearing Assoc
industry group; direction to audiologists & hearing programs
American Tinnitus Assoc
tinnitus info
Deaf Education Advocacy Fellowship (UK)
Deaf Bilingual Coalition
Deaf Power Organization
Portland Sports
Gate Communications
a national not-for-profit organization serving the deaf and hard of hearing communities
Hard of Hearing Advocates
Feisty volunteer-run site
Hearing Loss Assoc of American
consumer advocacy org with 250 local chapters; considered largest support organization in the US
League for the Hard of Hearing
Mississippi Deaf-Blind Project
Univ of Southern Miss

Music and the Deaf
National Black Deaf Advocates
The National Consortium On Deaf-Blindness 
National Center for Accessible Media
Boston PBS; lists theaters offering Rear Window movie tech
World Federation of the Deaf
United Nations advocacy group

Art and Media lnks

Beethoven's Nightmare
all-deaf band
Broken Ears Productions
films includes actors with disabilities
Chuck Baird
Actor and painter
Davideo Productions
Texas based; run by David Pierce
Deaf Artists Resources
Artist contacts from Rochester Institute of Technology Library
DEAF Media, Inc
Arts in Berkeley, California
Comedian Ken Glickman
Evelyn Glennie
solo percussionist
Nonprofit info for musicians and music lovers
International Archive of Deaf Artists
Info on artists who are deaf
Kathryn Bakke
Deaf pianist in Minnesota
Magic Morgan
Mary Rappazzo
California painter
Pinky the Juggler
deaf professional juggler
Quest 4 Arts
Arts among the disabled
Rear Window
list of movie theaters using Rear Window captioning
The Tactile Mind
literature by signers both English and ASL
Trix Bruce
One-deaf woman show

Children links

A Deaf Mom Shares Her World
Deaf Parenting UK
Deaf Parents Deaf Children
A group for deaf parents with deaf children from all over the UK
Deaf Planet
activities and videos for children
Educating Deaf Children
designed to answer parents & educators questions
For deaf parents of hearing kids
Little Signers
offers classes for baby signing
Gesture-based American Sign Language Game
Sign language recognition software for children using sensor gloves from the Georgia Institute of Technology
Maryland Kids of Deaf Adults
Sign 2 Me
book about baby sign language
Wi Koda
For deaf parents of hearing children about KODA Camp

Closed-Captioning links

AIB College of Business
Des Moines, Iowa school that teaches how to close-caption
captioned movies
Insight Cinema
nonprofit group; lists open captioning theaters

Educational Material links

ASL animated dictionary for children
Learning sign language
Deaf People & World War 2
experiences of deaf people in WW2 by NTID
Life Print
ASL University; learning ASL
Life Print
allows you to use your keyboard to type messages that appear as fingerspelling on your computer screen which you can print out
Sign Media
sells textbooks, CDs and other media in ASL
Visually Speaking
Sign language classes

Hearing Loss links

Audiology Awareness Campaign
self-screening test for hearing problems
Center for Hearing and Communication
testing center in New York using real city noises
Cleveland Hearing & Speech Center
leading clinic; free newsletter
Free Hearing Test
products & services; offers test
hearing education & awareness for rockers
Hearing Health Center
includes a questionnaire to help you determine whether you have hearing loss
National Hearing Conservation Association
World's largest manufacturer of hearing instruments

Legal links

fed gov site

Deaf Attorneys

EEOC Factsheet
info on how ADA law relates to deafness in the workplace


Association of Medical Professionals with Hearing Losses
AMPHL includes deaf veterinarians, a physical therapist and a psychologist among others. Designed to help those following in older practitioners' footsteps

Deaf Doc
healthcare information from Rochester deaf doctor Carolyn Stern

Health information in American Sign Language for the Deaf & Hard of Hearing population

Medical Soundboard

Regional links

Deaf NYC

events related to New York City
California Deaf and Hard of Hearing Events
River City Association of the Deaf
Jacksonville, Florida


Deaf Catholic

Deaf Missions
religious signs and ministry

Research and Technology links

American Sign Language Linguistic Research Project
Boston University effort to create a searchable ASL dictionary. The user gestures on camera and the online program will identify the sign

Deafness Research Foundation
Hearing Health mag; for consumers and to professionals

telephone rings a user's PC

Various links

deaf research
Deaf Tax
income tax filing
friends of Library for Deaf Action
Jaunted's Guide to Flying for the Hearing Impaired
Laa's Learners
North West London driving school for deaf and hearing pupils